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Full Body Hair Removal

We are sorry that Tabitha moved away, but Monica Mckay will be helping us
out until we find another highly qualified Esthetician.
As always Ship Shape Tan & Spa uses only the
highest quality products available such as Nufree "non-wax".



"Best brow wax I've had in years!"

"Pain-free Brazilian :)"

Monica is available for "waxing" on Sundays

Please call (360) 210-7565 to check for appointment availability.


Brows        $18
Lip             $10
Chin           $15
Brow/Lip   $20

Brazilian        $60 & up
Bikini             $40 & up
Large Area     $60 & up

20% off for new clients, regular maintenance wax, or multiple areas
Call for additional pricing or specials

We are looking for another part-time licensed
esthetician to perform Brazilian & Bikini hair removal!