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September Specials
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Specials are not valid with any other offer.
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1:00 pm - 5:00 pm daily
50% OFF the regular price of:
Norvell Auto Revolution Spray Tans*
&/or any level upgrades or single tans*
&/or 20% off lotion packets*

*Tans must be used during Happy Hour
*Not valid with other offers
Sale Price
Regular Price
Ship Shape Club (EFT)
member reward
50% off featured products
1/2 price
Auto Revolution
Spray Tans
3 Original Auto Revolution Spray Tans
+ a free prep kit

Lipo Slim Light
(with free WBV)
1 month
Tan & Spa
includes Lipo Slim Light/WBV, LED Facials, Red Light Therapy & all UV Tanning plus all other single services are 1/2 price
1 month
Full Body Red Light Collagen Therapy
1 month
Futura Face LED Facials
1 month
UV Tanning
5 Saturn Tans for $99
5 Sunburst Tans for $49
Brazilian Hair Removal
30% off a full
Brazilian "wax"
Product discount with UV Tanning purchase
Buy a month of Tanning or sign up for SSC, get 50% off Featured products
50% off
Lotion Packets
MR International Packets
$5 each
5 FREE UV Tans
Buy a bottle of MR International, get 5 UV tans in bed of your choice