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The Venus High Pressure Bed
The Venus High Pressure (Filtered) bed delivers much more UV-A (bronzing rays) than standard low pressure tube type beds.
High Pressure tanning produces deeper longer lasting color and is the standard for many European Tanning Salons. High pressure tanning sessions are shorter and needed less often.The tan is longer lasting, saving you time and money. To get a good base tan, you should tan every other day. Maintain your tan with one session every 1-2 weeks.
24 Minute Max. Tanning Time (12 minutes per side)
"Classic Legs" Leg Tanner
Give your legs an extra kick with the "Classic Legs" leg tanner.
Many people find it difficult to get and keep good color on their legs due to shaving, lack of exposure or their skin type. The "Classic Legs" is the answer!
Get color on your legs before you go golfing, go on vacation or before the warm weather hits.
12 Minute Max. Tanning Time
SunDash Platinum 10 Minute Bed
32 - 120 watt reflector lamps, plus 11 facial lamps. We only use Premium Quality lamps in all of our beds. Try the high UVB "High Intensity" beds when you want color in less time. Up to 10 minute tanning sessions.
10 Minute Max. Tanning Time
SunDash Gold Series 20 Minute Bed
Premium "Bronzing" or "High Intensity" lamps to choose from. Our "Bronzing" Lamps are Premium Quality lamps imported from Germany, manufactured with quality materials and precision. Up to 20 minute tanning sessions. There is a difference in salons. Stop in and tour our salon.
20 Minute Max. Tanning Time
Sundazzler Stand-Up Booth
Our Stand-Up unit will give you an incredible tan with its 46 body lamps. Surround yourself with 46 x 160 watt reflector 9k90 lamps. You will get tan all over! Our "Bronzing" lamps are the best!!
11 Minute Max. Tanning Time
Norvell ¤ AirBrush System
The Norvell AirBrush system allows us to apply an even streak-free "tan". You may choose form different formulas and different degrees of darkness.
The Airbrush solution is professionally and uniformly applied by a certified master technician or master trained technician, avoiding the splotchy or uneven effect that can happen with some automatic "booth" type systems.
Because proper preparation must be followed for the best results, we prefer not to do "Walk-In" appointments. Our Prep list can be found here
Maximum Tanning Time? 20 Minutes, 10 min., 11 min.What is the difference? Click HERE to find out more. Tanning 101
UWE Tropical-32 15 Minute Bed
32 lamps Plus High Pressure facial lamps make up this bed. High Pressure facial lamps are optional in the Tropical.
As always our lamps are the highest quality and we replace our lamps long before the manufacturer recommends.
15 Minute Max. Tanning Time
The Saturn High Pressure Stand-Up Bed
The Saturn High Pressure (Filtered) bed delivers much more UV-A (bronzing rays) than standard low pressure tube type beds. The Saturn features: Adjustable control for the 1000 watt facial lamp, multi-stage cooling, CD/FM music system.
High pressure tanning sessions are shorter and needed less often. The tan is longer lasting, saving you time and money. To get the best results, you should tan every other day at first. To maintain your color you should tan at least once every 1-2 weeks.
12 Minute Max. Tanning Time
UltraSun SunBreeze 5000 Magnum

The Sunbreeze 5000 Magnum produces an awesome tan with its 43 X 160 watt body lamps, 6 shoulder lamps plus 3 X 1,500 watt high pressure facials lamps.
12 Minute Max. Tanning Time
UltraSun SunBurst 4000

The UltraSun SunBurst 4000 produces a beautiful tan with its 38 body lamps. 18 x 160-Watt lamps in the base and 20 x 180-Watt Reflector Lamps in the canopy.  Functionality and efficient design in combination with fantastic tanning results is what make these models so desirable. You will love this bed.
15 Minute Max. Tanning Time
Our Lamps are the reason our customers insist we are the best!
At Ship Shape Tanning, we use only the highest quality lamps in our equipment. Our lamp choices are based on customer response and performance. We have tried several brands and grades of lamps and found the lamps our customers like best overall. We will not buy or use cheap or low quality lamps in our equipment. There is a difference in the quality and performance of lamps and we try to provide our customers with the best. We could buy less expensive lamps but we want to offer the best quality available. We expect the best and so should you.
We only use lamps that are rated for our equipment. Our lamps meet the specifications in each type of bed or booth in which they are installed. We measurer our lamps with UVA & UVB meters to ensure that they always have high UV output. Generally we replace lamps at 50% -60% of the manufacturer's recommended lifespan, which is between 350 & 600 hours (1,000 - 1,800 TANS) before the manufacturer recommends replacing them.  We replace all the lamps as a set when they reach replacement time, not some lamps at a time, or only the canopy lamps, or with used lamps, as some other salons have been known to do. We do things right!

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Red Light Collagen Therapy Bed
Our Red Light Collagen Therapy bed has premium quality Rejuvenessence lamps, that stimulate collagen production to reduce wrinkles & under eye swelling. The therapy also stimulates the body's anti-inflammatory response and aids in skin repair (acne, infection, wounds, & scars). This is a natural, non-invasive treatment with no adverse side-effects.
20 Minute Max. Session Time
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